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As you know, our gifts have the cool side effect that they grow into flowers. Some products grow out into wildflowers and some into violets. But either way the flowers are stunning, to say the least. You can find on the packaging what your gift is going to be.
Our wildflower mix contains 6 different flowers, that will all grow out in their own time. So that means you will have flowers in your garden all summer. One flower will grow out after the other. The mix contains seeds of Birdseye, Clarkia, Black-eyed Susan, Sweet Alyssum, Catchfly and Snapdragon.  
Our Viola Tricolor flowers are not only cute, they are also very generous flowers. Once they appear, they stick around for a while. And they bring many friends. Did you know you can also eat the violet flower? Ok, we know that sounds a bit harsh but since the flowers are so adorable it can really give your bit an extra sparkle.
We suggest two dishes (but there are many more), the Violet Cake - your home made cake decorated with a violet topping and Violet Jam - giving a stylish twist to the everyday sandwich.
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